Berry Kale Salad

By: Britny Sanders
April 25, 2017

Category: Video Production

A healthy and light salad that's full of flavor! Fresh berries, nutritious kale, crunchy almonds, and creamy feta make this salad a perfect staple for spring and summer.

Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 6


2 cups kale1 cup strawberries, chopped1 cup blueberries and/or blackberries1/4 cup sliced almonds1/4 cup feta cheese3 tablespoons sugar4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar


In a large bowl add kale, berries, sliced almonds and feta cheese. Toss.To make the dressing, mix sugar and apple cider vinegar.Drizzle the desired amount over the sa... Continue reading
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Employee Spotlight: Laura Leggett

By: Britny Sanders
April 13, 2017

Category: General

Laura wears many hats at Vital Companies. Her official title is Account Representative, but her duties and capabilities stretch far beyond that into both production and post. She earned a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Tennessee in 2008 and was hired into the promotions department of Clear Channel Communications. She joined Vital Companies in 2009 and quickly became an integral part of the production chain. From pre to post production, Laura leverages her technical and creative skills to make sure we deliver a quality product every time. 

... Continue reading
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7 Steps to Creating a Successful Video Campaign

By: Jason Clayton
March 17, 2017

Category: Marketing

Here is what I know about video marketing, from experience, without having to conduct detailed research:

Every day, more and more people are making and consuming videos.

People like videos because they like stories, and a video is easier to digest than reading a lot of words.

Companies... Continue reading

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Fudge Mint Milkshake

By: Britny Sanders
March 13, 2017

Category: Video Production

Forget Shamrock Shakes! Save a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies and make this minty creamy milkshake instead.

Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients (2 Servings):

1 1/2 cups of vanilla ice cream
3 tablespoons 2% milk
Peppermint extract
7 mint chocolate cookies
Green food coloring (optional)
Whipped cream 


Place all ingredients (except whipped cream) in a blender in order listed. Cover and process until blended.
Top with whipped cream and mint chocolate cookie crumbles. Enjoy!

For an adult version, use 3 tablespoons of creme de menthe instead... Continue reading

Tags: video production Midwest Food Studio

Employee Spotlight: Justin Gassman

By: Britny Sanders
March 07, 2017

Category: Video Production

Meet Justin, our super talented Motion Graphics Designer and Animator! Justin creates two and three dimensional animated objects with various computer programs, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D, and more. By using text and images in imaginative ways, Justin creates appealing visuals for our videos. 

When he's not busy being a computer wizard, Justin is researching the latest design techniques and solutions to use in future projects. His creativity and artistic talent are integral in most every stage of the creative process.

Q: What... Continue reading

Tags: employee spotlight motion graphics animation

Employee Spotlight: Jason Clayton

By: Britny Sanders
February 16, 2017

Category: Video Production

If you have worked with Vital before than it's nearly a guarantee that you have met Jason Clayton! As Chief Marketing Officer and one of the founding partners of the company, Jason's enthusiastic demeanor is hard to forget once you've met him. 

Jason and Freddy started Vital from a simple question they asked themselves: "Can we make a living doing what we love to do (being creative)?". Their background and passion for music has evolved into what is now Vital Companies. But Jason's not only in business development; he has been a producer, director, writer, actor, voice-over ar... Continue reading

Tags: marketing employee spotlight

Video is King in Social Media! Are You Maximizing Your Content?

By: Jackie Murphy
February 07, 2017

Category: Video Production

It’s pretty evident in this day and age that social media needs to be part of the marketing strategy. Some would argue that social media IS marketing. You might have all the channels in place, but do you effectively use your social media channels to achieve your marketing objectives?

4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

We are seeing more requests for video that will be distributed online on YouTube, websites,... Continue reading

Tags: video content social media digital content Grandview Heights Destination Grandview American Marketing Association

Employee Spotlight: Britny Sanders

By: Jackie Murphy
February 01, 2017

Category: Video Production

Vital offers more than just video and audio. This is where Britny Sanders, our Marketing Coordinator comes in. She is our in-house digital marketing person and social media maven. In addition to managing Vital’s website, blog, emails and social channels, Britny is part of the distribution strategy for client videos, YouTube and Facebook ad buys, email campaigns, SMS text campaigns and social media management. We strive to give clients the best possible service and strategy to maximize the impact of their video.


Continue reading

Tags: employee spotlight marketing social media digital marketing

Employee Spotlight: John Chapel

By: Britny Sanders
January 25, 2017

Category: Video Production

Meet John Chapel (aka Chappy), our awesome Video Editor! John joined the Vital team in May of 2015 after graduating from The Ohio State University. An essential part of the post-production team, John reviews all of the raw video footage after a shoot, selects the best scenes, and arranges them to best tell the story. The art of editing includes curating the music, sound effects, pacing and matching dialogue to scenes, adding visual effects, and more. John uses his technical and creative skills to create the desired end product; right down to the finishing touches.

Q: What d... Continue reading

Tags: employee spotlight editor editing post production video production

Employee Spotlight: Katie Moorehead

By: Britny Sanders
January 13, 2017

Category: General

Say hello to Katie Moorehead, our talented and creative Production Manager! Katie joined our team in June of 2014 after graduating from High Point University. 

Q: What do you do at Vital?

A: I do a little bit of everything. As Production Manager, I am responsible for all the logistics of both the shoot and project as a whole. This means anything from scheduling shoots and edits, booking talent, managing budgets, to creating project deadlines. In simplest terms, I'm the link between the client and production team.

Q: What shows/mov... Continue reading

Tags: Production Manager employee spotlight video production

5 Types of Videos for Your Event Marketing

By: Jackie Murphy
December 06, 2016

Category: Marketing

Videos are one of the most effective, if not the most effective way, to promote your event. Events are about the experience, engaging with people and building relationships that will hopefully continue beyond the luncheon, trade show or awards show. What better way to enhance and capture the experience than with video.

Due to the overwhelming effectiveness, videos in event marketing are becoming very popular. In the last few months alone we’ve seen an upward trend in the number of requests for event video, es... Continue reading

Tags: event marketing save the date promo video event trailer

Vital Produces Third Video for Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moon’s Sophomore Album

By: Jackie Murphy
November 08, 2016

Category: Music

If you visit our website or social media channels, you’ll see the work we do in healthcare, manufacturing, education, tourism and non-profits. And then you’ll see we produce music videos; and quite a few for Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons. Similar to the purpose of the videos we make for companies and organizations—telling a story, launching a product or marketing a service—music videos are short films integrating lyrics with visuals for promotional purposes. And, needless to say, music videos are fun! Right?

... Continue reading
Tags: Angela Perley Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons music video

How We Helped Pure Equity Group Show the New Way to Sell Homes

By: Jackie Murphy
October 25, 2016
Category: Marketing

When Columbus realtor Taylor Kolon of Pure Equity Group, Keller Williams Capital Partners reached out to us about creating a video for him, we saw a unique opportunity to show the state-of-the-art technology he is using to show, and ultimately, sell homes.


The Matterport technology is “the first end-to-end system for creating, modifying, distributing, and navigating immersive 3D and virtual reality (VR) versions of real-wo... Continue reading

Tags: 3D 3Dtours selling homes hometours realtor columbus ohio

Meet New Members of Our Creative Team!

By: Britny Sanders
October 11, 2016
Category: General

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new members to the creative team at Vital Companies. Please join us in welcoming them! (Feel free to say hello and drop them a note!)

Jackie Murphy, Creative Director

With more than 16 years of experience in design, marketing, events, P.R. and running her own business... Continue reading

3 Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Use Video Content

By: Britny Sanders
August 09, 2016

Category: Marketing

The way patients conduct health-related research is constantly evolving. Today's patients aren't just looking up symptoms online; they're researching doctors, treatments, and reading reviews of nearby practices and hospitals. One way healthcare marketers can set their company apart from the competition is by creating original video content that is both interesting, and informative.

Video content has a lot of benefits for healthcare marketers. Video presents a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in a more personable way. It also helps to brand your company as an author... Continue reading

Tags: healthcare marketing

Columbus Main Library Finishes Million Renovation

By: Britny Sanders
June 22, 2016

Category: General

The Columbus Metropolitan Main Library reopens to the public Saturday, June 25th, after a 16 month long renovation. The dedication and ribbon cutting will begin at noon, with free entertainment and activities to follow. The main library was built in 1907, and the expansion beyond the Carnegie building was finished in 1991. The million dollar renovation has transformed the old building into a more... Continue reading

Tags: Columbus Metropolitan Library Columbus Ohio Video Production

Homestead Beer Co. Collaborates with Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons

By: Britny Sanders
June 01, 2016

Category: General

Homestead Beer Company has teamed up with Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons to create a rockin' new brew: Homemade Vision IPA! Homemade Vision IPA is the next installment in Homestead's "Artist Series", in which they create beer inspired by their favorite musicians. The beer will make it's debut at Grandview Digfest on June 11th, where Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons will also be performing.

.embed-container { position: relative; padding-botto... Continue reading

Tags: Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons beer Grandview Digfest

2016 Demo Reels

By: Britny Sanders
May 11, 2016
Category: Video Production

Presenting our new demo reels for 2016! The following videos are short compilations of some of our most recent video work. From interviews, to promos, to music videos, we've done a lot this past year!

Motion graphic videos are great for businesses and organizations because they can be highly informative, while being visually appealing at the same time. Transforming educational content into colorful and dynamic content can increase a customer's (or employee's) understanding of your product, company, message, or brand. Pairing animation with live action footage and/or a voiceover is... Continue reading

Tags: Demo Reel Live Action Motion Graphics

Germany's Beer Purity Law Turns 500 This Year

By: Britny Sanders
April 19, 2016

Category: General

This year Germany celebrates the 500 year anniversary of Reinheitsgebot, also known as the "German Beer Purity Law". The original law was issued on April 23rd, 1516 by Bavarian co-rulers Duke Wilhem IV and Duke Ludwig X.

According to the medieval food-safety law, the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were water, barley, and hops. At the time, yeast had not yet been discovered. The law intended to keep beer "pure" of cheap and often unhealthy ingredients, such as poisonous roots, mushrooms, animals products, and sawdust... Continue reading

Tags: Columbus Ohio Germany Beer

Mariel Hemingway Visits New Albany to Talk Mental Illness

By: Britny Sanders
April 01, 2016

Category: General

In October 2015, The New Albany Community Foundation hosted actress, author, and mental health advocate Mariel Hemingway for a two day visit with students, community members and mental health professionals. Mariel Hemingway is the granddaughter of iconic American writer, Ernest Hemingway

In Mariel's latest memoir, Out Came the Sun, she talks about her childhood and the tragic legacy of mental il... Continue reading

Tags: New Albany Columbus Ohio Interview

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