5 Types of Video for Your Event Marketing

Videos are one of the most effective, if not the most effective way, to promote your event. Events are about the experience, engaging with people and building relationships that will hopefully continue beyond the luncheon, trade show or awards show. What better way to enhance and capture the experience than with video.

Due to the overwhelming effectiveness, videos in event marketing are becoming very popular. In the last few months alone we’ve seen an upward trend in the number of requests for event video, especially to promote ticket sales and membership. This fall, we’ve produced SIXTEEN videos for events!

Five types of video you can use in your event marketing:

1. A short “Save the Date” video

2. Promotional teaser/trailer for videos

3. Storytelling videos to be shown at the event

4. Filming live for future use

5. A Recap/Thank You video to attendees, sponsors—also promoting next year’s event


Save the date – You can start a buzz about the event even before all the details are ironed out. A CEO or event host or chair saying a few words paired with graphics is all you need for an effective “save the date.” This is a great way to reach those who might’ve attended one of your past events, and are anxiously waiting for the next one. You can even show some highlights from last year’s event.

Here's a short teaser video we created for the 2nd Annual A Thread of Hope event. 

Promotion - The goal of promotional videos is to officially announce all the event information and drive ticket sales and/or sponsorship. You need to excite your audience about your event. Use your promo video to tell an interesting story about your organization or show a sneak peek of what they can expect.

Here's a funny and informational video that we created for Four String Brewing Company to help them promote their 5 Year Anniversary Party at their taproom.


Storytelling - With a captive audience, you can tell a visual story of your mission, brand, service or product through case studies, testimonials or interviews. If you are honoring someone or presenting awards, video can show all the reasons they are being recognized.

Check out the video we created about the Sam’s Fans Foundation that was shown during the 2nd Annual A Thread of Hope event.

Here's a client testimonial we created that was shown during the Dress For Success Beyond the Suit Luncheon.

Filming Live -  Don’t forget to film during the actual event so you can use the footage for social media, archival purposes, event recap and future promotions. Consider interviewing people during the event as well.  


Thank You/Recap - Keep the momentum going after the event.

- Thank your attendees, donors and sponsors to encourage their continued support.

- Restate and reinforce the event’s mission/purpose and show the results.

- Show people what they missed through highlights and sound bites so they’ll want to participate next time.

You could also include a call-to-action at the end, like asking attendees for their feedback with a link to a survey about the event, or reminding people to follow you on social media.

Here's the recap/thank you video we created for the 2nd Annual A Thread of Hope event.

Here's the video we created for The New Albany Community Foundation “Jefferson Series” which serves as a recap, case study and trailer for the next event in the series.

Here's an event recap we created for Four String Brewing Company’s Five Year Anniversary VIP Pre-Party.

Now that you have the lowdown on using videos to promote your next event, it’s time to develop your strategy to maximize your time and money. Vital can not only help you with the production of the video, but also the strategy, creative and distribution, start to finish. We’d love to talk to you about your upcoming event and how we can help you reach your goals.