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Case Study | Making Dreams Come True for airweave

Approached by our partners at Conversion Path, Vital Companies collaborated with airweave in creating a social media marketing campaign to increase purchases in the North American market. Started in Japan, airweave is an innovative mattress company branching their huge success from Japan to North America. Sporting a unique thermoplastic webbing design structure called airfiber®, they approached Vital and Conversion Path in need of a custom marketing campaign to raise customer awareness in North America.

Let’s sleep on it

Working closely with Conversion Path, we crafted a customized funnel market strategy for airweave’s campaign with the customer’s journey in mind. The strategy included three phases; an attract phase to reach out and inform customers about this brand they don’t know, an engagement phase to encourage a positive perception of the brand, and a conversion phase to reinforce trust in the brand/product and, ultimately, get a customer to buy the product. To help strengthen the strategy and explain creative intent, we pitched sample concepts and crafted sample graphics for airweave to consider, explaining that each funnel phase would have at least two videos that could be specifically used at that point in the customer’s purchase journey.

storyboard of airweave sea of memory foam mattresses video with graphic text and people in photos of mattresses
Samples storyboards

After presenting the funnel strategy to airweave, we concepted storyboards and crafted graphic assets for the 12 videos. While storyboarding, our design team wrote each video in a way that covered only one theme about the airweave product or brand at a time. By not including several different points in a single video, we solved the challenge of having too much information to communicate in a short amount of time.

Putting in the hard work

As the videos moved from concept to production, catching audiences’ attention in the first 5 seconds became key to their success. Our editors’ skills of crafting stories came into practice as they replaced type-heavy scenes, which were not easy to understand quickly, with visual narratives that communicated points through action and scene focus. To pair with the flowing narratives, our motion designers developed a bold yet playful visual style of typography, iconography and data visualization so audiences would remain engaged.

We encountered a challenge early in the production of the first videos of type being unreadable due to the size of ad video player. To solve this, the team tested a variety of typefaces, type sizes, and hierarchy options on different phone screens before moving forward with the chosen styles.

On cloud nine

Once the series of videos were placed into market for testing, Conversion Path reported a 1256% increase in click-through rate of social media ads, raising from 0.26% to 3.54% within two months. Also, since Vital was involved in the strategy of the campaign and could advise our partners on the customer journey and what they seek in advertising early on, the cost-per-click for the new ads dropped by almost $2 per click, from $3.63 to $1.66.

With such a successful campaign, Vital Companies, Conversion Path and airweave can all get a good night’s sleep knowing our marketing strategies and creative execution achieve results.

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About airweave

airweave is an innovative Japanese mattress brand designed without using springs or foam. Made of a 3-D thermoplastic called airfiber®, this breathable material provides a firm, supportive yet comfortable structure for an assortment of mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows and other accessories. Starting in Japan, airweave is now sold in the North America market.

Learn more about airweave at

About Conversion Path

Founded in 2011, Conversion Path seeks to help businesses optimize digital marketing efforts. They offer e-commerce brands specialized strategies to maximize sales and profits, with innovations in search, social, and marketplace advertising to give clients a competitive advantage in their market.

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About Vital Companies

Vital Companies is an award-winning video production studio in Columbus, Ohio. As a creative content studio with experience in video & sound production, we partner with people to turn ideas into inspiring narratives, develop memorable branding and create and produce diverse, engaging experiences.

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