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Case Study | Coyote Peterson’s Wild Field Trip

Things got wild while working with our longtime friends at Brave Wilderness on their new show, “Coyote Peterson’s Wild Field Trip.” A show filmed and scripted for kids, this series of 6 20+ minute long episodes feature Coyote Peterson, Brave Wilderness’ founder and host, traveling to animal conservatories across the United States with different co-hosts, educating kids about animal conservation and habitats.

The Vital Component

Brave Wilderness is a dynamic video production company specializing in creating on-location, documentary style content. In the process of shooting this new series, they were searching for a finishing house to complete the post-production work in accordance with YouTube Original’s specs. Wanting to minimize production time and communication by using several specialized post-production studios, Brave Wilderness needed a company that could handle color and audio processes under one roof and was local to them.

That’s where we became a Vital component to the series success.

Located minutes away from the Brave Wilderness office, our local benefit allowed ups to manage assets from the team quickly while our experience in branding, color grading, audio mixing, motion graphics, and project finishing, proved us to be a perfect fit for Brave Wilderness’s needs in a post-production house.

Designing the brand and making it move

In the project requirements there was request to create a brand identity and logo which would work across digital and printed media. Using the name and a general visual direction of bright and adventurous, our design team iterated more than a dozen different logo concepts. Through a collaborative feedback process, we arrived at a final logo design inspired by embroidered patches on National Park Rangers’ uniforms, but with a bright, youthful, and modern twist.

With a brand identity established, we moved onto the motion graphics package, including logo animation, title cards, lower thirds, and a map graphic. Our animation team designed and animated these assets in-line with the look and feel of the brand, keeping animation style engaging but not overly loud.

The motion graphics also needed to be customizable after they left Vital. The editor on the Brave Wilderness team needed to customize the graphics for the video cut, so it was important to keep all motion graphics templates easy to use. In the end, creating seamless templates streamlined the editing process by cutting out additional steps and left the client with a template to use for future episodes.

Finishing it off

When it came time to packaging and finalizing the episodes, our finishing team took the lead. We relied on our team’s experience in the film and production industry to meet the quality demands of the YouTube Original’s QC department and Brave Wilderness. Their knowledge of audio surround mixing, color correction, and final coding proved invaluable when finishing the exports to meet all expectations.

A Wild Success

A few weeks after delivery to the Brave Wilderness and YouTube Original studios, the first two episodes of Coyote Peterson’s Wild Field Trip premiered on YouTube. The first episode, “Giant Toxic Toad Caught by Kid!” premiered with more than 600,000 views and a week later, the second episode, “Angry Snake Bites Fearless Girl” hit more than 2.2 million views! Each episode continued to fulfill the expectations of Brave Wilderness’s core audience, receiving hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of likes.

Working on this YouTube Original series with Brave Wilderness was both a wild field trip and a huge success!

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About Brave Wilderness

Brave Wilderness is a dynamic video production company specializing in creating on-location, documentary style content. Composed of animal and environmental enthusiasts from Columbus Ohio, they’ve produced more than 5 separate series including the hit Emmy Award-winning “Breaking Trail,” “Beyond the Tide,” “Beyond Dinosaurs” and the Animal Planet show “Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild.”

For more information about Brave Wilderness, visit

About Vital Companies

Vital Companies is an award-winning video production studio in Columbus, Ohio. As a creative content studio with experience in video & sound production, we partner with people to turn ideas into inspiring narratives, develop memorable branding and create and produce diverse, engaging experiences.

Visit our website,, for more information.


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