Employee Spotlight: Britny Sanders

Vital offers more than just video and audio. This is where Britny Sanders, our Marketing Coordinator comes in. She is our in-house digital marketing person and social media maven. In addition to managing Vital’s website, blog, emails and social channels, Britny is part of the distribution strategy for client videos, YouTube and Facebook ad buys, email campaigns, SMS text campaigns and social media management. We strive to give clients the best possible service and strategy to maximize the impact of their video.

Q: What do you do at Vital?

A:  Primarily, I’m Vital’s marketing department! I come up with ways to promote our business and then execute them. This includes a variety of things like designing email campaigns (like newsletters), managing all social media accounts, writing blogs, managing the website, and more. I also provide a lot of these services for our clients. Most of the time, this means taking the video the production team creates, and increasing it’s visibility and effectiveness with proper distribution and online advertising (Facebook ads, Google AdWords, etc.). I also assist in the creative development of video projects and assist on shoots whenever needed.

Q: When did you start working at Vital?

A: October of 2015.

Q: What shows/movies have you watched recently?

A: Shows: Red Oaks on Amazon Video, New Girl and Louie on Hulu, and Black Mirror on Netflix. Last movie I saw in theaters was Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I also recently re-watched Across the Universe on Hulu.

Q: What's your favorite lunch spot in Columbus?

A: The lunch buffet at Aab India Restaurant in Grandview is awesome. There’s a wide variety of dishes to choose from and it’s a great value. There’s also a new-ish food truck on the corner of 3rd & Grandview Ave called Mr. Hummus and Falafel that’s really good (get the falafel tacos!).

Outside of Grandview, I really like The Brown Bag Deli near Schiller Park in German Village. The specialty sandwiches are great, but the reason I like it so much is because they have a ton of freshly made side dishes that aren’t on their menu (pasta salads, veggie salads, etc.).

Q: If you were an animal what would you be?

A: A cat!

Q: Name 3 of your favorite movies.

A: Matilda, (500) Days of Summer, and Pulp Fiction.

Contact Britny: 

Email: bsanders@vitalcompanies.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/britnysanders