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How To Use Video with SEO Secrets to Transform Your Business

Emily Journey is a WordPress trainer and website management consultant based in Bexley, Ohio. She travels all over the United States teaching WordPress to businesses, both big and small. Emily has been using WordPress since 2010 and started teaching WordPress to business owners, marketing teams, and administrative staff in 2012.


When Emily Journey started her business, she was a one-woman show working on developing her brand, and she knew that video was the best way to tell her story. In 2015, she came to us at Vital, and we produced 3 videos that perfectly captured her brand for her website. The results were undeniable: she received a return on her initial investment over and over again! In 2019, Emily returned to Vital, knowing that video was still the way to go to further evolve her business. This time, we worked with her to create 11 compelling videos to drive more traffic her way.

Why video?

Starting your own business comes with a series of challenges. Emily was establishing her expertise with WordPress while building her ideal audience. In order to connect with potential clients across the country, she needed more than photos and website copy. She was able to achieve just that with her videos because they conveyed her authentic personality and her genuine desire to support them and their businesses. Some clients reached out to her and mentioned that they were in solely after watching her videos, without even reading any of the text on her website!

Another big opportunity Emily saw with video was utilizing its Search Engine Optimization potential. When it comes to search engine results pages, its no secret that Google prefers video because consumers prefer video. In fact, video content is 50% more likely to drive search results than plain text, and if you have a post that incorporates video, you’re 3 times more likely to attract inbound leads!


The transformation between the first time we produced Emily’s videos to the second time was remarkable. Within the last year, her gross business revenue has more than doubled. Emily went from a one-woman show to hiring 3 additional employees. Her number of inbound inquiries went from 2 per month to between 1 and 3 a day! Our vision is to incubate small businesses, and to see a client reach their ROI and achieve video marketing success is by far the greatest reward. Contact Emily Journey for WordPress Training, SEO Training, and Website Management: Phone: (844) 972-6224 Learn more about her journey and check out this podcast: “Go SEO Yourself”



Creative – Jason Clayton, Fred Blitzer, Kamila Saydzhanova, Gabriel Kaunitz, & Aaron Dye

Production Coordinator/Account Manager – Kamila Saydzhanova


Directed by – Jason Clayton

Camera Op/Director of Photography – Gabriel Kaunitz

Production Assistant – Kamila Saydzhanova

Teleprompter Operator – Aaron Dye

Audio Operator – Fred Blitzer


Editor – Gabriel Kaunitz & Aaron Dye

Motion Graphics – Kevin Adams

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