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Inside Vital | Color Grading

So you spend weeks preparing for a video shoot; it goes great and you have some expressive and beautiful shots for your next video. But how do you take them from flat raw footage to a spectacular, cinematographic masterpiece? Hand them over to a color grader!

Color grading (also known as color correcting) is the act of improving the appearance of a video by stylizing the color scheme of the footage or “painting” on top of the footage. Our color graders use the most updated color grading technologies and techniques to bring video shots to life and help establish a visual mood of the overall project.

Often overlooked, color grading is an important part of our Post-Production process and a must for broadcast-spec pieces. It's completed right before delivering the final files to our partners and is a regular inclusion in any finishing house work.

Check out the video for a look behind-the-scenes at how they do it and the results there after.


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