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Inside Vital | Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a type of animation dealing specifically with design elements and principles, such as type, shapes, texture, and color. They are normally composed of three main things: motion, design (typically typography/fonts), and sound, but are versatile in how they appear in junction with footage and animation. In essence, it is graphic design that moves.

Because motion graphics are adaptable, they can work in many ways for many different types of video. They can provide splashes of eye-catching animation to an ad or visually communicate information succinctly in a product video. Motion graphics can add depth to a story and through a balance of music and scripting, they can communicate messages and themes as their own standalone videos. No need for video footage!

Some places you may have seen mo-graphs at work includes advertising, movie title sequences, information/explainer videos, product showcases, and tutorial videos. They are a powerful asset for any video.

For some motion graphic inspiration for your next video, check out the video below for some examples of mo-graphs!


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