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Marketing614 | A Podcast in Collaboration with Local Columbus Marketers

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve been working hard over the past few months to produce our very own podcast! Marketing614 is a podcast that puts a microscope on the talented marketing community here in Columbus. In the podcast, Vital CMO Jason sits down with a diverse lineup of local marketers ranging from local non-profits and businesses to Fortune 500 companies, combining the important and substantial marketing knowledge of the guests with entertaining twists.

Marketing614 veers from the traditional path of similar business podcasts by offering two ways to engage with the content – through both video and audio versions of the episodes – and by featuring compelling segments that emphasize the guest’s opinions on business trends, marketing secrets, and their on-the-spot creativity. The podcast presents valuable information for other marketers as well as the everyday listener.

The first three episodes of the podcast will be released on Monday, November 4th on Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, among other directories. Video episodes will be released the same day on Vital Companies’ YouTube channel. The premiere will feature Melissa Rogner (Crimson Cup), Densil Porteous (Wexner Center for the Arts), and Pete Potenzini (Lion's Den). For the full list of guests, see below!

Jason Clayton, Vital Companies CMO and Marketing614 host, says, “I'm excited for listeners to tune in. The guests have been really amazing and are bringing years of marketing knowledge to the show. Marketing614 will definitely bring value to a listener and I hope some laughs along the way.”

Watch the first three episodes on YouTube here:

Stream the podcast episodes

Marketing614 Guests:

  • Melissa Rogner (Crimson Cup)

  • Densil Porteous (Wexner Center for the Arts)

  • Pete Potenzini (Lion’s Den)

  • Jamie Goldstein (Greater Columbus Arts Council)

  • Cliff McGowen (Nationwide)

  • Nikki McCarthy (Sam’s Fans)

  • Patrick Testa (Three Bines Hopped Spirits Co.)

  • John Daugherty (Film Columbus)

  • Debra Pack (Columbus Metropolitan Library)

  • Dan Cochran (Hilltop Brewing)

  • Jane Matyac (Cardinal Health)

  • Jen Walker (Hart Associates)

  • Stephanie Fry (Nationwide)

  • Randy Malloy (WWCD 102.5 FM)


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