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Marketing614 | Dan Cochran (Hilltop Brewing LLC)

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Dan Cochran (Hilltop Brewing LLC) stopped by our studio to talk about the ever-changing beer industry, challenges that can be faced in a competitive market, and Hilltop Brewing!

In the sixth episode of Marketing614, Jason and Dan begin by discussing how Dan started brewing beer and his origins in the industry, beginning before the craft beer boom. This segues into the complicated world of brewing beer vs. selling beer. "Brewing beer is like playing music," he says. "Selling beer is like selling most anything."

Jason and Dan also talk about what it was like to be a brewer existing during the craft beer explosion, as well as trends that have developed in the industry since then. Certain trends that are discussed range from the trends of IPAs and American lagers as well as hard seltzers. Other topics discussed include brand maintenance, relationship building, and sponsorships.

Brand This Thing

In his Brand This Thing segment, Dan is tasked with branding a paper gorilla mask and comes up with one of the best taglines of the century: Give 'Em The Gorilla.

Mount Rushmore

Dan also gives us four of his favorite brands that he'd put on Mt. Rushmore. This segment also provides a dilemma that many of us have faced in the past: once a brand becomes more mainstream, does it lose its cool factor?

Learn more about Hilltop Brewing here:


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