Marketing614 | Densil Porteous (Wexner Center for the Arts)

In the premiere episode of Marketin614, Densil Porteous (Director of Marketing/Communications & Outreach at the Wexner Center for the Arts) sits down with Vital Companies CMO Jason Clayton to build his very own Potato Head (pictured), discuss why he loves his red TOMS, and the relationship that the Wex has with students at the Ohio State University. Learn more about the path that led him to the Wex, some of his approaches to marketing, and more!

“Mt. Rushmore” is a segment on Marketing614 that takes a spin on a party game. Instead of replacing the faces on Mt. Rushmore with one's four most influential/favorite artists, guests on the show have the opportunity to replace the faces with their favorite brands and tell us why they matter!

Watch to find out which brands Densil values and why.

Another segment that our guests on Marketing614 take part in is “Brand This Thing”, a 60-second brainstorming session where the guest puts their creativity and marketing skills to the test! The guests are given no context on what the product is that they have to brand. After each episode, the Vital team gets together to write and record a radio spot for the product. The radio spots are released the same day as the full episodes, so keep your eye (or ear?) out!

Watch this segment to see what Densil comes up with!

Densil’s Bio:

Densil Porteous has served as Director, Marketing/Communications at the Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University since September 2016; in his role he works to help set vision, strategy, and direction for institutional marketing/communications and outreach moments.

Prior to arriving at the Wexner Center he served as Associate Vice President for Enrollment Operations at Columbus College of Art & Design (OH) and in various capacities guiding marketing, outreach, and storytelling at Stanford University (CA), Drew School (CA), and Kenyon College (OH). Porteous’ award-winning work aided in recruiting students and connecting with alumni through telling the unique stories of the respective college’s experience; while leveraging and enhancing brand recognition for the institutions.

Porteous earned his bachelor of arts at Kenyon College and completed his MBA work at the University of Phoenix.

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