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Marketing614 | Jane Matyac (Cardinal Health)

Listen to the full episode:

In this week's episode of Marketing614, Jane Matyac (Senior Marketing Manager at Cardinal Health) joins us to discuss an incredible multitude of topics, from measuring marketing in the B2B world, the process of targeting and influencing decisions in product marketing, and understanding the differentiating behaviors of your audience.

One of the subjects brought up that's been popular with marketers the past few years is OTT, or Over The Top marketing. OTT is considered streaming media, not TV, that appears on a screen. Ads that appear during Hulu commercials or YouTube ads are some of the most common OTT advertisements that we're all exposed to. While CTV (Connected TV) marketing can definitely be targeted, the amount of targeting available with OTT has the ability to be incredibly specific. Jason and Jane go on to discuss how the six-second rule applies now more than ever in the age of OTT: "No matter what, you have six seconds to get that person engaged. And if you don't get them engaged, they're flipping," Jane says. "If you can't skip, is your message clean, fun, engaging enough to watch until I can skip that ad? [...] You have to be smart about that."

Brand This Thing

In her Brand This Thing segment, Jane is presented with a novelty oven mitt to rebrand. Brand This Thing is a spot that's become a series regular for the podcast where guests have the opportunity to highlight their creativity by branding a product in 60 seconds or less. Check this one out and watch other guests showcase their skills on the Marketing614 YouTube channel!

Mount Rushmore

Jane also lets us in on which four brands she'd put on Mt. Rushmore, from one she's been loyal to for years to one that's been mentioned on Marketing614 before for its exemplary customer service.

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