Marketing614 | Patrick Testa (Three Bines Hopped Spirits Co.)

In this week's episode of Marketing614, Patrick Testa (Owner of Three Bines Hopped Spirits Co.) sits down with Jason to talk all things bourbon, hops, and marketing. From adding a signature blend of hops to their delicious bourbon to spiced Christmas whiskey to some of Patrick's favorite brands, it's an episode about innovative spirits and innovative marketing.

Patrick also discusses how Three Bines formed from the brewing of beer with his family, which eventually led to whiskey and the addition of hops to the liquor.

In his Brand This Thing segment, Patrick takes a dystopian approach and creates a device that'll help all of us who survive the apocalypse. For those of you who haven't watched before, Brand This Thing is a portion of each guest's interview where they're presented with a random object and come up with a name, tagline, and demographics for the product. It's an opportunity for guests to showcase their on-the-spot creativity!

When presented with the question, "If you had to replace the four heads on Mt. Rushmore with your four favorite brands, what would they be?", Patrick lists brands that range from innovative tech to guitars to automobiles -- more specifically, his first car.

You can learn more about Three Bines Hopped Spirits Co. and the products they offer here:

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