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Sharing Huntertones Music Worldwide

You can’t stop the beat when it comes to the Huntertones! They’ve traveled the world to share their music and after finishing a series of videos for their virtual participation in the American Music Abroad program, we want to share some history of their work and the effort they’ve put into this outreach program during our partnership together.

Giving American music a first class ticket abroad

American Music Abroad is a program hosted by American Voices on behalf of the United States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, part of the U.S Department of State. This program is designed to share America’s music with a global audience by arranging a series of virtual exchange programs with over 140 countries around the world. Genres range from Blues to Native American and Jazz to Zydeco and events include live-streamed concerts, collaborative online performances, virtual jam sessions and more. Watch an example event hosted by the Huntertones here.

Speaking through music

The Huntertones have participated in these types of virtual events since 2013 when they joined the American Music Abroad program. Since then, they’ve performed in over 20 countries world-wide and actively tour the US and abroad. Some places they’ve shared their music includes Togo, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Egypt, Georgia, Bolivia, Bermuda, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean.

Jon Lampley shares his thoughts about traveling and sharing their music with other cultures in this brief interview with AMA.

The Huntertones enjoy traveling, performing, teaching and collaborating around the world and encourage listeners to “listen and live with an open mind.” When asked by the Lantern about some of the challenges of the program, Dan White said “a lot of times we would have language barriers between us, and the moment we played music and we did what we were there to do, all of the barriers or the differences between us completely fell down. We’re all human beings and the power of music can really break down all of those barriers.”

Where video comes into play

Though music plays the most important role when participating in this program, the virtual events hosted by American Music Abroad rely on video and music production for success. While back in Columbus recording the tracks of their new album, the Huntertones utilized Vital Companies’s production and digital offerings including filming, post-production and motion graphic skills. During their time here, we collaborated with the Huntertones in shooting, recording and editing a high-energy, multi-night concert at Natalie’s Coal-fired Pizza in Grandview.

Composing and editing this footage, the live concert was trimmed to a set of four videos broken up by song, including Golden Tulip and Pontiac for the virtual submission to the American Music Abroad program.

After our time together, the Huntertones left Columbus with a diverse portfolio of assets such as multiple videos for promotion and social content and the tracks for a great new record,Time To Play, which is out now and available for purchase.

About Huntertones

The band formed in Columbus, Ohio and is now based in Brooklyn, NY. They’ve performed in over 20 countries world wide and continue to tour the US and abroad. Huntertones claims more authority than ever as they drive into their 10th year. Their latest release, Time to Play, puts listeners in the front seat for a highly collaborative epic musical joyride.

Visit for more information.

About Vital Companies

Vital Companies is an award-winning video production studio in Columbus, Ohio. As a creative content studio with experience in video & sound production, we partner with people to turn ideas into inspiring narratives, develop memorable branding and create and produce diverse, engaging experiences.

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