Video is King in Social Media! Are You Maximizing Your Content?

It’s pretty evident in this day and age that social media needs to be part of the marketing strategy. Some would argue that social media IS marketing. You might have all the channels in place, but do you effectively use your social media channels to achieve your marketing objectives?

Vital Companies started working with Destination Grandview in 2016 to create and produce a series of videos showcasing Grandview Heights, Ohio. This first "overview" video portrays the lively, urban neighborhood as a destination with unique restaurants, coffee houses, breweries, shopping, as well as hotels.

Destination Grandview released the video in early January 2017 on their Facebook page with immediate positive accolades and 6,200+ views and 70+ shares. In their post, they included a link which directed you to their email subscription page. They saw a 7% increase in subscribers the week they posted the video to Facebook. They maximized the video content to gain new subscribers and increase awareness of their community as a destination.

We are seeing more requests for video that will be distributed online on YouTube, websites, blogs, Facebook and Instagram - videos that will capture attention and keep the viewer captivated, most likely, on their phone. Marketers are getting smarter with pushing out impressive, engaging content, therefore making it even more challenging to break through the noise and grab the attention of your desired audience. Attention is currency and video can tell a story quicker and more effectively.