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We're Winners! (AIM Awards)

This year's Achievement in Marketing Awards (presented by AMA Columbus) was a big deal for us here at Vital Companies. Not only did we interview finalists for our Marketing614 podcast, but we finished the night by winning a few awards ourselves!

A category that the team loved was "Best Idea Rejected by a Client". Like all creatives, we've had pitches that we thought were brilliant that get shot down. Last year, we created a pitch around a mini-series for a local lifestyle brand. The business wanted to increase traffic to their website and their social channels, and we were tasked with coming up with regularly posted content to achieve that goal. The idea birthed was Dr. Thirsty and Nurse Quench, a mini web series that would highlight the brand's products with 5-minute episodes released once a month with shorter content cut out around each episode, giving them weekly content to post that would drive traffic to their desired locations. We wrote two scripts (which were recorded during table reads), devised a distribution plan, and produced graphics and concept sketches. After much thought, Dr. Thirsty was denied, but we still talked about it regularly. When we saw that we had a chance to get some recognition for the idea and the hard work we put into it, we submitted it right away. We're glad we did: it won two awards! The Platinum Award for its division, and the Gold Award for its category!

The third award was for a series of patient videos we did for local non-profit Sam's Fans. They wanted four videos produced for their Bring the Joy series to highlight four powerful patient stories and firsthand experiences with music therapy. We work closely with Sam's Fans throughout the year, as we strongly believe in their mission of spreading awareness for music and art therapy and funding it in as many hospitals as possible. If you're unfamiliar with their work, check out their website (link above), head over to the page for the Bring The Joy documentary that we're making with them, and watch the four patient videos here:

Before the show began, we interviewed some of the finalists in ten-minute segments. The mission of Marketing614 is to accentuate the work and talent of marketers in Columbus, and that aligns perfectly with the AIM Awards' goal of recognizing the innovators and drivers of the marketing profession and the exceptional work they create. In their brief interviews, the guests explained why they chose to submit the piece that they did, the thought behind it, and the work done to successfully execute it. The interviews will be split into two episodes that'll be released in early April, so be on the lookout!

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